Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking beyond.

The chapter has ended. Its no fairytale ending but nonetheless i am glad.
It marks a whole new beginning. 
Sometimes,it takes years to realise how ugly it can be.
All the demons shed their facades & reveal their true colours.
& the saints who sinned suffers the wrath of the harmed.
But its always that way isnt it? The best master in disguise always triump.
Its e demon's duty to sin but saints are punished for committing sins.unjust.
Suddenly i see. But oh wells. Sod it. Let me just begin my next chapter. With relish! =D

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Monday, June 07, 2010


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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Purpose? Bite me.

sometimes i really wonder is it worth it that he doesnt seem appreciative at all. Instead just turns around & bite u. Like i want to do this deliberately. Not everyone has the luxury to do just sit & wait or their parents to shower them
with money. Its hardly reasonable isnt it? I know u are anxious & all. But u think by saying those stuff u are encouraging us? Hell no.
Right now,its pretty much a shit feeling & i dun even know how to react to u. Like duh.
Dun make me lose my respect for u.period. Once its gone,its hard to earn it back.

"I went to sleep last night
Tired from the fight
I've been fighting for tomorrow
All my life
Yea I woke up this morning
Feeling brand new
'Cause the dreams that I've been dreaming
Has finally came true."

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is indeed very short...

It seem like such a morbid day.
Death, hospital. What else can happen. Its like her sudden departure provoked some serious thoughts in the few of us.
Life is short. But how do we go about living our short life?
Do we live for others? Or do we live for ourselves?
Its a choice. Do we live each day with regrets? Or we learn & not accumulate anymore regrets?
I was asking her. What regrets do u have? We started talking about it...
sadly,up till this point of time,i do regret doing some things.but i learnt to stomach it down.
I have to say i am still pretty lost in my life's direction.

Exams ended officially. But it feels like of me & perks were talking.Lost?
& initially i thought i would have alot more time on hand. But once i start filling in my organisor,i realise i am so wrong. Ha.
But it feels good. For a change. No more squeezing of brain juice! Now its all physical exertion. =s

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

smile a little smile for me.

it is weird isnt it? how greedy we humanoids are. greedy to want everything. when we know its barely manageable.
we WANT to play.
we WANT to enjoy.
we WANT to be to have part of EVERYTHING.
but seriously,i think sometimes we NEED to sit down and think about what we NEED. not what we WANT.
wake up call for all! to myself to. i need a smack on my big block head.
sometimes i try to convince myself that what i do is for somebody else. but ultimately,it could be just a selfish desire i want for myself. its just human nature to NOT admit to stuff which we deem as selfish. yikes.

should we be satistified with what we have and learn not to make comparisons or should we try to change the situation?
maybe we should just restart! hah. then i can just restart my 2009.


made my study plans but seems like i am not following it very well. definitely moving. but not fast enough. gona kick my own ass soon.
what are plans for if i dun follow ms how! shingz.

will u smile a little smile for me?
will u dream for me?
or maybe will u think a little for me?

bony is coming back soon! well. just a short visit.but its still! happy! bet shes gona catch up on her lost bbts!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

lovely festive december?

oh man! it suddenly dawn upon me that 2009 gona be over in just abit. less than a month. its like i barely know what i've been up to for the year. Did i even achieve anything or hit my personal goal? Hah.

alamak! I think i just lost my 2nd organisor in e short span of one year.argh. & goondu me rely so much on that tiny book.shikes.
Maybe i ought not to rely on anything at all. In case e loss of it shatters dear lil ms how here.

& i just realise i am like addicted to e mudpie in school. Gawd. & theres not a single time i eat it w/o getting e brownie & icecream everywhere. Maybe i should just eat more as practice.hehheh.

Who says once race is over we'll have more time? holey holey shit. I feel like i have so much lesser time. Why? Hmmm..

Watched 'sweet november' finally. Halfway through. its kinda weird but somehow such clique romance never fail to get to us. Like e usu 'ohhh' & 'awww' will just find its way out of our mouths. sicky sweet & sad.

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

is it the end?

'looking back on the things i've done.i was trying to be someone.i played my part,kept u in e dark...'

one way or another,we'll tend to look back & wonder why we did this?why we did that?why did it even happen?clouds of confusion & foolish-iness will seep in & its when we realise we have grown up. For better or for worse,it really depends. have i played my part as a daughter?sister?friend?girlfriend?me? Wow.heavy shit.

'i'm here with my confessions,got nth to hide no more.i dont know where to start.but to show u e shape of my heart..'

I have done what i think was right & i suppose theres so much more i can do but theres only so much i can do...

'try to understand that i'm trying to make a move to stay in e game.i try to stay awake & rmb my name but everybody's changing i dont feel e same.'

sometimes,it feels like being swept away by e waves & u are just vulnerable to all of it.but sometimes,u can just ride on e wave & take control of e only takes a split second for e reversal of roles. :)

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